Policies and Procedures – We can provide site specific procedures that will make your facility meet with many company standards and also be in line with AMERA standards.

  • Cadaver specimen procurement and handling – We provide written procedure and onsite training, that deals with the specialized issues of cadaveric tissue.
  • Federal and State requirements – We review the local, state and federal laws that would affect your lab such as radiation and biohazard waste.
  • Audits of specimen providers and lab facilities – We can provide independent auditing of specimen providers and lab facilities.
  • New lab construction – We bring our years of experience to your blueprints.
  • Lab staff training and In-services – We can provide onsite in house training on all protocols and procedures as well as equipment training, cleaning and storage. Lab safety, set up, back table layout, equipment set up, breakdown and troubleshooting, and proper PPE management.

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