About Us

Bioskills Solutions, Inc. is the newest tool for medical education and training. We bring the training lab to the doctor’s door.

James McElroy


Mr. McElroy has been working in, and managing, laboratories for over 20 years. His experience includes having managed the anatomy lab at a major medical school and, most recently, creating operational standards for, and managing, educational labs for medical device manufacturers.

He has an extensive network of professional relationships to provide you with customized solutions for your medical education needs. He has developed a reputation for excellent customer service, proactive management, and comprehensive medical education event planning, both nationally and internationally. He is a current board member of AMERA, he is a member of the AATB organization, and Bioskills Solutions, Inc., drives and vehicles are DOT qualified.

James has earned numerous achievement awards in the Johnson & Johnson network. He has served as a consultant for medical education lab construction, created standards and procedures manuals for tissue labs, and developed content for a symposium on progress and trends in medical education.

Support Staff

We have trained staff throughout the country to assist you with your events and help keep the costs low.

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